The circuit is Featured in the new series of The Grand Tour

Over the many years it has been in operation, Le Circuit d’Albi has played host to filming for lots of racing scenes in movies and television. Now, we are thrilled to announce the latest appearance the historic track will make worldwide.

The BBC series Top Gear has been beloved by motorsport fans all around the world for over a decade. Created by Jeremy Clarkson after the failure of his “straight” car show on the BBC, which was purely informational and regarded as boring, Top Gear was an exciting and extremely funny show that featured Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as non-traditional motor journalists who reviewed, raced, and messed around with all sorts of vehicles. Most of the staff here at Le Circuit have been watching Top Gear since the early 2000s, and we have regularly made the Christmas Specials part of our holiday celebrations here at the track in our viewing room. Over the years, it grew to be the biggest television show in history, with more viewers than anything else ever broadcast on any network, and being shown in nearly every country around the world.

When the series came to an end in 2014, we were deeply saddened. Still, exciting news wasn’t far on the horizon because Amazon quickly announced that they would be producing an all-new show featuring May, Clarkson, and Hammond, which would be essentially Top Gear but with no real restrictions on what the trip could do with the show. The series is called The Grand Tour, and it is now available on Amazon Prime in many countries.

In 2015, we were thrilled to be asked to play host to a segment of the new series, where the trio would arrive with three supercars and carry out a section of challenges. If you’ve ever watched Top Gear, you’ll be familiar with the entertaining style of drag races and challenges that the boys undergo to decide who has picked the best car. It is always anything but a traditional drag race or time trial.

We are not permitted by contract to tell you much about the episode that Le Circuit is featured in, but we can certainly attest that there will be lots of tire-squealing and excitement. You will not be disappointed in the slightest.

While they were here, Clarkson May and Hammond were completely gracious and a pleasure to work with. Our staff also greatly appreciated how much the trio know about the track’s history and legacy which is often under appreciated by producers who simply want some asphalt on which to film.

So, please check out The Grand Tour! Here is to the future of Le Circuit on screens!

Non-traditional races at Le Circuit d’Albi!

It’s a very exciting time for the racing world, and there’s nowhere more exciting than the original Circuit! As we roar into the 21st century, our Racing Manager Baptiste Leclerc talks through some of the exciting events that will be coming up, and the new trends that are sweeping the track.

Hello, race fans! My name is Baptiste Leclerc, and I am the Racing Manager here at Le Circuit d’Albi. We couldn’t be more excited about the state of motorsport today.

You may not be surprised to learn that in a time when climate change and fossil fuels are hot-button issues, as they say in the States, that racing on the auto route and motorsport worlds are suffering. Many tracks around the world are closing down or being forced to downsize because of concerns about the impact of large supercars that are less and less popular.

We have made it our mission to stay ahead of the curve. We are excited to host races of some of the latest diesel trucks, and in this years’ races, we will be proud to use only biodiesel fuels for the truck races.

We are also very excited to bring you some exciting races featuring electric and hybrid supercars, which we think are the bridge between passion for motor racing and concern for the planet.

New electric super cars and hybrid crossovers have been made popular by many of the top auto makers and while we in the racing world may have taken a while to come onboard and switch to electric from the good old V12 motors, the performance benefits and smoothness of electric drivetrains are now some of the most exciting things to happen to auto racing in years!

Electric motors can now reach even higher speeds than gasoline vehicles, and they do not have all the grumbles and messy problems that gas does, so these races are actually more exciting and with fewer troublesome pit stops than you may be used to in the past.

By partnering with our favorite companies to showcase electric and hybrid supercar races, we have actually been able to grow our event schedule and attendance numbers at a time when many competing race tracks are fading away or having to slow down their growth.

Look out to see matchups of electric supercars from Tesla, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW on the track over the coming year. We promise: it is just as exciting to watch, and much more enjoyable. There is no smog rising off the track, which is best for all viewers. More people with asthma or sensitivity to exhaust can now watch outside and up close instead of having to be inside with air purifier. You will still hear plenty of tire squealing, and the whir of electric motors is something very satisfying as well. So join us for a whole new season of motor racing here at Le Circuit d’Albi, and we hope you will be as excited as we are to continue to grow and become a real center of racing again despite other tracks going down the closing stretches.

Safety in motor racing in 2017: Sylvain Chomet discusses new emphasis on emissions controls, air purifiers, and electric cars on the race track

In partnership with the government, we have become designated as France’s first official “green motorsport track”. We are pleased to announce this initiative, which we believe will help us to grow our fan base and to adapt to changing times when public focus on climate change and carbon emissions are very high.

We believe that showcasing the latest and greatest green cars from top makers will actually make for even better racing than ever before, because big car companies like Ferrari have actually made better electric cars than gas models in the past few years. The BMW i8, for instance, won the Top Gear Magazine Car of the Year award in 2014, beating out dozens of amazing petrol models.

The excitement in motoring these days is to be found with green vehicles, which can now easily best the top speeds set by petrol motors. They also work much better on the track, thanks to their reliable electric drivetrains, which makes for a more exciting viewing.

We also have introduced new ways to deal with combustion racing and make it healthier for everyone involved.

For the past decade we have been leaders in reducing emissions from all gasoline cars on Le Circuit, and promoted special muffler systems that filter out the worst of racing smogs.

In the next year of racing, all diesel fuels used in our championship truck races will come from biodiesel sources, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint and draw awareness to our other green initiatives.

As we are becoming increasingly aware of the health problems caused by exhaust and fumes from the race track, we have introduced air purifiers in the grand stand, which makes it the best place to be for anyone with asthma or sensitive breathing. We’ve focused on the best air purifier brand(s) of course!

The government has also recommended that anyone near to the track (such as the apartment block on the east wing), use air purifiers in their house to reduce smoke from the racing here at Le Circuit. We have agreed to support anyone who needs to purchase one with a 10% credit on the price, to take responsibility for our emissions.

We will also be promoting greener cars in our big supercar races here on the track. We have worked with our partner makers to showcase the most exciting hybrid and electric cars being made right now, and we are very excited to report that they are the fastest vehicles we have ever raced here, no matter what they use for power. Because of this emphasis on green cars, we have had better publicity and support from the general public than other tracks which have continued to use only petrol cars.

Our last exciting update is that because of our efforts to promote environmentally-friendly racing, the government has helped us with funding upgrades to the pit areas of the track, and helped us finance the purchase of new safety computers that are installed on all race vehicles. They track conditions on the pavement and in the car, and can alert the driver before a serious problem occurs. This has made the motorsport events safer for both drivers and spectators.

We hope you will continue to support Le Circuit d’Albi and join us for much more motorsport excitement in the years to come. We think that after 70 years, our most exciting times are still ahead.

P.S. Racing and driving aside, air purifiers can also provide your nose relief from the smell of smoke e.g. cigarette smoke in your home — learn more here: